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Know what we are creating / trying to achieve

This is critical to your Excellence.

You need to have a deep understanding of what is going on in your business, right from the basic processes in every department, the people in it, the overall profit and system in your organization
By employing lean management you eliminate waste from your system, you bring yourself greater efficiency and value addition to the customer
By inducting yourself and international and national standards and you get a hold benchmark in the business excellence
By adhering all the rules and regulation of statutes, bring yourself a social responsibility
This is just one small aspect of achieving quality and managing the same in your organization. This is only a miniscule part of merging the extraordinary with the ordinary processes involved in the system

How would you like it if we told you that we at BIG Q can do this for you painlessly and effortlessly?
How would you like it if we told you that this as well as all other aspects of Excellence would be taken care of by BIG Q in all steps and all aspects – your processes, your people and your profit margins?


Thus BIG Q helps with what one calls Process Assessment, Mining, quality improvement , development and reengineering of the process,  wherein you may find inefficiencies within your organization – where bringing in change in roles played by people, replacing or improving the process currently employed, sometimes even bringing change to the process improvement and developments in the  structure of the organization can create magic. Process Mining will help you do what you are doing many times better, pass on best practices within organizations, and also reveal all the opportunities for improvement and development in management.

As we have all known and seen in our many years of experience in industry, people are not machines who would do our bidding. Understanding what motivates people and using that information to drive their behavior and thereby ushering in progress would require intense research and knowledge of human nature.

An intrinsic knowledge of what motivates your team and ensuring they remain motivated can go a long way in ensuring your company’s prosperity and growth. For a few, money may be the prime motivator but for others it may not be so. A few may need more time off, or perks or recognition.

We at BIG Q help you to lead your people while ensuring that they contribute their ideas, enables the process of the organization and thoughts willingly with an enhanced sense of belonging thereby giving you and your company the best they have to offer.

Leaders with a clear Vision are the ones that provide the necessary guidance and are respected by their people and we work with your organization to keep you focused and make it sustainable.

Good Profit Vs Bad Profit

If you are wondering if there really is something called bad profit in business, we are here to give you clarity on the concept. Bad profits are those that are a result of delivering a poor customer experience, this mean – when the customer feels ignored, misled, ill-treated, mistreated, coerced etc., process extracts more form its customers rather than providing value to them.

So the exceptional core values and focus on the GOOD PROFITS. This alone will lead to companies with success in the long term wherein you would be providing products and services that your customers will crave, need and want. Understanding the difference between GOOD and BAD Profit would make a huge difference in the long run in the success and growth of your company

Change is Constant

Change is a constant – this is an old adage we have all heard! Most organizations today are averse to change more because they do not know what to change, how much to invest in change and also, what they may expect as a reward for the change. Grey areas abound in this aspect and hence many organizations DON’T CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!

We know you…we know change can be scary that is why we are here to hold your hand and take you through the process enabling great results as well as

With the expertise of BIG Q you will learn:

What it is that you wish to achieve
Understand what the journey would look like
We will bring step by step achievable milestones in our journey and manageable break part, thereby removing the fear
Monitor your progress at every step of the process so that you can be aware of the progress / pitfalls if any during the entire duration of the change thereby enabling CHANGE MANAGEMENT
By being the enablers and monitors of change for you BIG Q will help you remain persistent, consistent and achievers of a high order distinct from the rest

Know Your Investments

Today research and knowledge about the many Management Tools and techniques available are crucial in ensuring excellence.

Understanding the parameters involved in controlling activities and planning so that the service you provide is the right fit – this is one crucial. BIG Q with its research team and expertise will educate you on all the parameters and tools and techniques that is available thereby making it easy for you to make these investment decisions.

You will be able to analyze with the help of BIG Q and understand what the ones worth adopting, value additions are and what might be expensive.

We have given you enough reason why BIG Q is your most reliable collaborator for the years to come!

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